My story


My name is Raisa Maria Uzea and I am a little angel who’s just 2 and a half years old. I am a fighter and I will tell you my story not to make you sad, but to show you that God makes miracles!

I was born after a very long labour and because I had the umbilical cord around my neck, I suffered from severe asphyxia that deprived my brain from oxygen and caused irremediable injuries. Thanks to my guardian angels, I was brought back to life and I breathed by myself. But after 12 hours, because of what I had been through I went into spasms that the doctors barely managed to stop with medication.  

After a month of treatment in the intensive care unit of the Giulesti hospital in Bucharest, mommy and daddy brought me home where I felt so happy!

But the hardships were just beginning…

I spent many weeks in hospitals with mommy and after many tests my parents found out that a part of my brain was not developing at a normal pace because of the injuries suffered at birth.

We travelled as far as the beautiful Italy and in Bologna, in a clinic with wonderful doctors where I underwent more thorough tests. Unfortunately my diagnosis is not as pretty and beautiful as me. I am suffering from a severe form of cerebral paralysis, spastic tetraparesis and epilepsy for which I am taking daily three types of antiepileptic medicines that have a very bad taste.

In the past year I’ve been spending two weeks a month at the Nicolae Robanescu National Centre of Recovery in Bucharest for physical recovery. And helped by my guardian angels I will someday walk, talk and play with the other healthy children!


Because my parents won’t give up fighting for me, they found out about the benefits of oxygen therapy at the Medical Clinic Hiperbara from Constanta. There I started the oxygenation sessions and became the youngest diver in the country and maybe even in Europe!

In June 2010 I did my first 20 sessions and I started to see. Before the therapy I could not distinguish the toy in front of me. I started smiling, laughing and now I even understand some things from what mommy and daddy are telling me.

I still have so many advancements to make, but, unfortunately, time is not on my side…

I would like to sit, but I can’t…        

I would like to grab the toys, but I cannot hold them in my hand for more than a few seconds…

I would like to walk, but I don’t know how… 

I would like to enjoy everything that surrounds me, but I cannot understand them all…

Mommy and daddy do everything in their power to help me and they will succeed because God loves me! I will try to continue the oxygen therapy which is very expensive (20 sessions cost 1,900 euros) and the Romanian government doesn’t cover anything!

My parents try to raise some money for a stem cells transplant in Germany at the Xcell Center Institute in Duesseldorf. We need 50,000 euros for three operations.

If you would like to help me, you can donate the 2% from your annual income tax through the humanitarian Association “E Pluribus Unum” (if you live in Romania). You can also donate in the PayPal account that mommy set up for me. But even saying a prayer would also help me! Because God loves and listens to us all!

Godspeed! I wish you all good health and a clear heart!